Romanian police officers won 6 medals at the European Police Championships!

Romanian police officers have been highly succesful at the European Police Championships this year. The officers have won 5 bronze medals and one silver medal. The competition took place between October 24-21 in Bratislava and it was organised by the European Police Sports Union.
The police officers that made us proud are

-Alexuc Alin, C.S. Dinamo București, 3rd place 130 kg, greco-roman fighting

-Cocișiu Marius, C.S. Brasov, 3rd place, 86 kg, free fighting

-Chintoan Rareș, C.S. Brașov, 3rd place 125 kg, free fighting

-Daniliuc Ștefan, C.S. Brașov, 3rd place, 75 kg, greco-roman fights and second place for free fighting

-Cărare Petrică, C.S. Dinamo București, 3rd place, 85 kg, greco-roman fighting and he has also received an honorary medal for the oldest participant in the competition.






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