NASA award-winning student to study at Columbia university


US Universities have been fighting to recruit Romanian genius Costin Dobrin. Costin Dobrin from Constanta has finally decided to accept the offer of Columbia university where he will study Earth Sciences. Moreover, he has received a 70,000 dollar scholarship. The Columbia university has received 37,000 applications this year and has accepted only 1,400 candidates.

Costin Dobrin was offered scholarships to other US universities, such as Harvard, however, he chose Columbia because he also received an exceptional distinction as a Science Research Fellow, which is worth 10,000 dollars. His decision was also related to the fact that he visited all the facilities, the laboratories and everything related to research and life at the university. According to he stated

 I found out that I was named Science Research Fellow. Only 10 students, the best ones in science, get this title every year. The most important thing is that the university will finance my summer research.

During highschool Costin has earned many awards and has participated in many competitions. He has won the NASA competition three times, he has earned a gold medal at the International Geography competition and a silver medal at the International competition of Earth Science. Costin has also graduated this year as a valedictorian.







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