The first IT festival starts next week in Cluj-Napoca!

The first technology festival in Transylvania, TechFest will allow developers to create mobile applications within a 50 hour marathon. Hundreds of participants are expected to come to Cluj between November 11-20 to test their skills.The event is dedicated not only to developers, but also people that are passionate about IT. The festival begins with a MegaHack where hundreds of decelopers will solve and create 25 mobile applications that are proposed by the organisers of the festival. One of the applications that they need to develop is one that allows the issue of bills. The participants will work in teams day and night.
Another competition within the festival is Transylvania DemoDay where 20 start-up businesses will be presented to investors. This event is meant to promote and encourage the development of the industry and to help developers find investors.

Those interested in IT will be able to also attend two conferences -TechTalks and CodeCamp Conference. 

At these events IT people can meet representatives of companies such as Google, Linkedin, Springer Nature, VectorWatch, Microsoft amd Amazon.

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