Octavian Eusebiu Halici wins first place at the International French language Olympiad


A 17 year old student has won the first place at the International French language Olympiad. Octavian Eusebiu Halici, from Dorohoi, Botosani county, won the big prize with an essay. The student is in grade XI at the Regina Maria highschool in Dorohoi. He has won the maximum points in the individual category.

According to adevarul, Octavian is passionate about French culture and language and even dresses like a Parisian. He stated that since he was 10 he fell in love with the French culture and language. He was studying France history and culture and he liked it so much he wanted to learn the language so he can read French literature.

Now he follows French TV channels and he prefers to read French newspapers rather than the Romanian ones.

Since he his language skills got better he started attending competitions and he has always won prizes. For example, he won the second place at the French National Olympiad. He qualified for the International French Olympiad that was held in Bulgaria, Lovetch.

Students from Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Moldavia participated in this competition. Octavian wrote an essay about young people called ” La jeunesse- a-t-elle des limites?”. Octavian also won the third prize in the debate competition which had the theme ” Voyage et ecriture”.


source: adevarul






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