Romanian worker saves German man from death by giving him first aid


A Romanian worker in Germany has saved his colleague from death.

Adrian Marcu, 29 years old, has been working for 10 years in Germany as an electrician. In March, this year he was working together with his colleague in a mall at the electric instalation. His 61 year old colleague was electrocuted by an uncovered 380 volt cable.

Adrian noted

” I came running and I saw my colleague sitting on the scaffold, I pushed the scaffold two metres away so I will not touch the cable. I knew that I have to do a breathing- cardio massage if someone faints.”

” He got some cables out of the ceiling and one of the cables touched his wedding ring. The first question that the criminal police officer asked me was – did you do a first aid class? And yes, I did it two years ago, here in Germany.”

When Adrian saw his colleague he went fast together with his Polish colleague and he gave him first aid for over 20 minutes until the fire brigade and the ambulance came. The man entered in an artificial coma for another two weeks. Adrian visited him in the hospital and noted that the man is now fully recovered, although he did not remember anything about the accident.

Now the Bavarian authorities gave him a special distinction last Wednesday for his bravery. The diploma was given by Brigitta Brunner in Munich. His colleague, Dariusz Kopka was also honoured. Adrian is happy about the award but said that he does not need thanks and that anyone in his position would have done the same.


source: protv








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