Young man from Satu Mare organises campaign to help the homeless during the winter season


A young man from Satu Mare has started a campaign in order to help the homeless. Florin Brindusan has appealed to local people and to anyone willing to help to bring food and hot drinks.

The young man posted his appeal on his Facebook page and people seem to respond to it. He wrote on his page

“Because it is cold, I came up with the idea of helping people that do not have somebody to help them.If you have clothes or anything else that could be useful during the winter, please remember this information: starting today, November 7-20, 2016 I will gather people to share food (sandwiches, warm tea or anything else that is easy to prepare) to the homeless. Whoever wants or knows anybody that would like to do take part in this ( to help me and do a nice gesture) write me in private. Thank you!”

If you want to help his Facebook page is  Florin Brindusan


source: satmareanul






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