Charitable ball organised by college to raise scholarship money for students


A college from Romania is raising money to offer scholarships to exceptional students. Transylvania College from Cluj-Napoca, a school that teaches Romanian curriculum and also Cambridge curriculum organises a Scholarship Society ball.

The school hopes to raise over 50,000 euros, money that represent 60% of the money needed for 10 scholarships for students with exceptional results.

So far, the school has had 100 students with scholarships and the cost of the scholarships was also covered by a charitable event. Over 250 people are invited to this event, including representatives of the city hall and the Netherlands consulate and British Business Council.

The event, which takes place tomorrow, will include live and silent auction and guests will be able to buy unique objects such as a tennis racket signed by Simona Halep, art objects created by students.



The school has helped students learn basic knowledge in IT, business management and journalism and now many of them study in UK at Southampton University, in Germany, at Koln University or in Scotland at Merriot-Watt University. One of the most successful students has been Vlad Muresan who has won the grand prize of the Royal Society of Chemistry for his paper The Neoteric Vitruvian’s Arm. He currently studies at the Design and Arts University in Cluj-Napoca.






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