Romanian business women celebrated at Entrepreneurship Gala


Romanian women were awarded yesterday during the Beauty of Entrepreneurship 2016 gala. Business women were congratulated for their courage and their success in the business world.

The winners were: Paula Dobrescu who founded Business Travel, Cori Gramescu, who owns LadyFitGym and Amalia Iscu who owns Tango Tangent. Other awards were also given to Magda Bei, who has a graphic design company, Anamaria Stefan who owns Sophia company and Daniela Teodorescu from Avantaje magazine.

Additionally, Alina Hanif Crantea and Irina Gavrilut, representatives of a dental clinic were also awarded and Monica Stefan, partner of consultancy company Soter and Partners and Irina Maria Ursan, representative of Beauty Clinique.

The event had special guests- Perry Timms, TEDx speaker, who has over 20 years experience in the business and technology world, founder of People and Transformational HR, Penny Haslam, professional speaker and BBC journalists, Karin Tenelius-speaker and author, Julie Bishop- social media specialist.


source: agerpres






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