“Bacalaureat” and “Sieranevada” win five awards at Listapad International movie festival


Romanian movies have won five awards at the Listapad International Movie festival. The festival took place in Minsk, Belarus, between November 4-11.

According to Agerpres, “Bacalaureat” directed by Cristian Mungiu and “SieraNevada” by Cristi Puiu were awarded last weekend at the Ending Gala of the festival. The press specialty award was given for creating a cosmic odyssey in a family context and the award for best image “I.A.Maruhin”, was awarded to Barbu Balasoiu for Sieranevada. The judges special award was given to “Bacalaureat” by Cristian Mungiu.

“Bacalaureat” was the big winner as it won the awards for best actress in a secondary role (Lia Bugnar) and for best male part ( Adrian Titieni).









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