The Romanian national debate team wins 2nd and 3rd place at Debate Europen in Hamburg


The Romanian national debate team has won the second and third place at the International debate competition Debate EurOpen 2016 in Hamburg.

According to, among the nine students that participated in the competition is Petre Draghici, student at the Mihai Viteazul national college in Ploiesti.  He is part of the ARGO debate club which was set by his teacher, Simona Mazilu. He said

” I like what I do at the club and for me it is a form of alternative education. Initially I’ve met a few students that were part of the debate club and they seemed very educated, they knew many things and they were speaking well. It atracted me and now I can say that it widened my horizon, I learnt a lot: how to be critical, how to speak in public, because initially I was very weak at speaking in public. I was more shy, but now I don’t have this problem. I learnt how to prioritise my activities and now I don’t have issues in preparing myself for the national debate team.


The debates are in English and this helps students to practice this language. The debate themes at the competition were very interesting. Some of the themes were” Should states prioritise economical development or environment protection?”, as well as ” Should politicians be penalised if they don’t respect their promises made during the election campaign?”.

Serban Pitic, the coach of the debate team says that all nine students are very good at debating and he hopes to win the world competition next year. Until then, they will participate in many national and international competitions. He noted that debating helps students to be more competitive, to deal with exams, to communicate better and to find solutions to any problem in their life.






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