The muddy volcanoes from Forocici to become touristic attraction


The muddy volcanoes in the area of Forocici commune will be soon considered of touristic value and will be included in touristic guides that lead tourist through the area of Banat.

The volcanoes are considered a monument of nature and the area is called ” the hell’s mouth”.

Teodora Mot, a history phd student at the Timisoara Vest University stated in a press conference that these volcanoes have been studied due to the fact that many local residents have been talking about a sleeping volcano called Zudabara. This volcano has several other cold water volcanoes nearby. These volcanoes produce carbon dioxide. The famous muddy volcanoes from Buzau are different as they produce hydrocarbons and those from Transylvania produce methane gas.

They say that due to this gas, people that suffer from rheumatism can be treated, however healthy people will be dizzy if they stay around the volcanoes. The water around these volcanoes has also special properties and it is rich in minerals.

The volcanoes are hidden by grassy fields and they are not easy to find.


Asociația pentru Promovarea și Dezvoltarea Turismului (APDT) a realizat în aceste zile panouri de prezentare și promovare turistică a unor obiective, printre care se regăsesc și vulcanii noroioși de la Forocici, pentru a le veni în ajutor turiștilor.

source: agerpres






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