Volunteers cook and share food to poor people on the streets of Bucharest


Members of Romanian association NEAMUNIT have organised a campaign through which they donated food to homeless people.

The members cooked the food and then took the streets to give it away to anyone that need it. They also gave food to old ladies that were selling flowers on the corners of the streets. These ladies have little pension and the money given by the government is not enough to lead a decent life and so they are forced to sell flowers in the cold.


The association called this project “Soups for little old grandmas”. Volunteers have gathered Saturday morning, in Bucharest, to cook together.


A volunteer stated for Trinitas TV

” Any person feels to do good things in their life. Some do it less and some do it more often.Depends on how they feel.”


The volunteers were organised. Some cut the meat, some cut vegetables and some stirred the soup. Apart from the soup, volunteers also prepared packages with treats.



source: NEAMUNIT






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