“Discover Romania with Peter Hurley documentary shown to Chinese public in Shanghai


“Discover Romania with Peter Hurley” documentary was presented at the Jing An cultural centre in Shanghai.

According to AGERPRES, the event has gathered people that are passionate about Romanian cinema, together with local community representatives and also representative of the Shanghai businesses, journalists and members of the Romanian cinema group that were present at the first edition of Romanian Film Festival in China.

Zhou Mingde, who has translated many Romanian movies for the Chinese public, stated that the older public esspecially loves Romanian movies and that they will be happy to know the Romanian movie industry more thanks to the movie festival. The translator hoped that in the future China and Romania will work together again to create coproductions.

” Discover Romania with Peter Hurley” is a road trip documentary that show Peter Hurley, an Irish man who walks on foot from Sapanta to the Romanian peasent museum in Bucharest to discover real Romania. The movie was produced by Camelia Moise, filmed by Sergiu Olteanu and edited by Ioana Matei.

Peter Hurley was decorated with the Cultural merit order for his effort in promoting Romania.

You can watch the documentary for free on youtube: Discover Romania

source: agerpres







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