Commune in Romania giving away free houses


A mayor from the commune of Concesti is offering free houses to young families. The unusual decision was taken due to the fact that the commune is losing its population as people tend to move to the city or they go to work abroad.

Already four families are taking advantage of the offer and are interested in moving in the commune of Concestiu, Botosani county. Four families want to move in the houses offered by the town hall and a family will already move at the begining of 2016.

According to digi24 the Asimionesei family from Mileanca, a village that is located 30 kilometres away, is one of them. The mother and six children will live legally in this village.

The mother stated

I could not believe it, when I called the mayor and in the same day he showed me the house. Honestly I started to cry with joy.

The commune of Concesti started to lose its population 10 years ago. 300 young people left to look for work in other places. The director of the primary school stated that the number the children also decreased and this is the first year when the school had two classes of children in one.

The mayor found a solution- to offer free houses. However he has a condition- the family has to have at least 4 children and the little ones need to attend school. The commune has 6-7 houses that are currently on sale and the mayor has taken the sum of 250,000 lei to purchase them. The commune has 1,800 residents.

source- digi









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