Man builds traditional village for tourists in Arges county


Soon tourists will be able to enjoy living in traditional Romanian houses in the beautiful county of Arges.

A Bucharest resident, graduate of Tourism management and marketing university, with experience only in the field of book sales, Ciprian has started a project through which he will renovate traditional houses, transform them in a living museum and allow visitors to experience traditional life.

The man has inherited a large land of over 15,000 mp in Arges county, together with an old traditional house that is over 100 years old. He wanted to renovate and transform the property in a weekend house for his family and friends.

However, he saw its potential when a group of French tourists asked if he offered accomodation. Since then he thought to invest in this project. He searched and bought archaic traditional houses that would be moved to Arges county. The first two houses he found in Sacel area, near Viseu, in Maramures county.

The houses were taken to pieces and numbered so they can be put together again without issues. The owner of the house, a 93 year old lady has agreed for the house to be sold on the condition that it will not be demolished and that the architects will respect it.


Now the museum-holiday village has five traditional houses, all brought from Maramures and Hateg. Currently, they are still working on the last house. All houses have their original materials. Now the owner tries to find suitable furniture for the theme. The houses will be warmed up with wood burning stoves.

Although the idea of the village is that you will feel that you go back in time, the houses will have bathrooms. The village will also have a special area for families with children and a large dining room with tables.

Besides spending time in this village, tourists can truly enjoy the area of Arges. Close by you can find the Curtea de Arges monastery, the Vidraru dam, Transfagarasan road and Poenary citadel.

The owner also hopes to set up traditional workshops.


source: fabrikadecase





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