The first smart pedestrian crossing to be set up in Tulcea


The first smart pedestrian crossing will be set up in Tulcea at the end of the week.  The crossing will help drivers, as they will be warned when someone crosses the street.

The smart crossing was set up in two weeks and it is located in the centre of the city. The crossing will light up only at certain times when it is not used and it will light up continuously when people cross the street.

The crossing is made out of secure glass and it was crafted in Bacau. It cost overall over 10,000 euro and it has a five year old warranty.


The leader of the project said that they wanted the crossing to be warmed but because it does not have electricity 24 hours a day, it was risky during the winter.

The smart crossing has been patented since 2014 by Adrian Trifan. According to Agerpres, Constanta and Bucharest are interested in setting up smart crossings as well.


source: Agepres







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