4,000 volunteers plant over 90,000 trees across Romania in one day


Volunteers have planted over 70,ooo trees in 7 counties of Romania. This huge tree planting has been done within the campaign ” We plant good deeds for Romania”. The planting took place on November 19 in 7 out of 9 planned counties. The planting in Harghita took place on November 12 and the one in Timis has been postponed for next year due to weather conditions.


This is the second year when this planting is undertaken and this year Moldova republic also participated.  All 8 plantations had very excited and happy volunteers who brought their friends and acquittances to help.



This is how the planting was done:

In Buzau, Boboc village: 450 volunteers have planted 10,000 trees

Calarasi, Jegalia village: 1,225 volunteers have planted 27,500 trees


Constanta, Pestera village: 200 volunteers have planted 10,000 trees

Dolh, Grecesti village: 650 volunteers have planted 15,273 trees

Giurgiu, Gostinari village: 300 volunteers have planted 3,300 trees

Iasi, Letcani village: 300 volunteers have planted 9,000 trees


Teleorman, Silistea Gumesti village: 560 volunteers have planted 12,000 trees

Harghita, Meresti village: 350 volunteers have plated 5,000 trees

In total over 4,100 volunteers have planted 92,743 trees.


In Chisinau, Bubuieci village 100 volunteers have planted 4,000 trees on November 5 and on November 19 another 50 volunteers have planted 670 trees.


source: gazetadecluj






2 responses to “4,000 volunteers plant over 90,000 trees across Romania in one day”

  1. Andrew Dutton Avatar
    Andrew Dutton

    This is brilliant. I am moving to Romania in August. Can you tell me how I can get involved?


    1. romanian1982 Avatar

      you can contact the organization on facebook. They are open to independent planting events.


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