Romanian invents tyre that produces electricity


Razvan Basarabeanu has invented a tyre that produces electricity. According to him this tyre will increase the autonomy of electric cars with almost 1,000 kilometres.

He stated that his idea means that piezoelectrical crystals are introduced in the structure of the tyre with the purpose of producing electricity and the electricity transfer is done through cables.

His idea came when he was researching the piezoelectric crystals in 2010. He noted that they have a property of developing electricity through deformation. The inventor was aware that these crystals were also set up in the heels of the shoes and under pedestrian crossings.

So he thought about using these crystals in order to deliver electricity to mobile consumers or to equipments that do not have an electricity source. He has invented this special tyre in 2010 but since then he did not have any offers from companies.


source greatnews







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