Poet George Bacovia honoured by 47 international artists at a special exhibition in Bacau


47 artists from 19 countries have presented graphic works inspired from Bacovia’s creations.

The event was organized to celebrate a century since his poem volume “Plumb” was published. The international exhibit was opened at City Library in Bacau. 124 works of arts were presented.

Anca Sion, the organizer of the project said that these works of art show that Bacovia’s poems not only stood the test of time but also space. His poems have reached Poland, Ukraine, Mexico and even Japan. Bacovia is used as an inspiration in many graphic and design schools in the world.

Literary critic Constantin Calin also noted that over 300 artists so far have represented Bacovia’s poems through photographs, portraits and drawings. He is one of the most illustrated poets in Romanian literature.


All creations will be contained in a special album created by Ovidiu Petca. The exhibit is open until February 2017.


George Bacovia was a Romanian symbolist poet who was born in 1881 and lived in Bacau. He is well known for his poems: Lead,Lacustrine, Violet dusk.


by George Bacovia

The coffins of lead were lying sound asleep,
And the lead flowers and the funeral clothes –
I stood alone in the vault … and there was wind …
And the wreaths of lead creaked.
Upturned my lead beloved lay asleep
On the lead flower … and I began to call –
I stood alone by the corpse … and it was cold …
And the wings of lead drooped.


source: agerpres






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