40 traditional blouses on exhibit at the Museum of the Romanian peasant


A special exhibit with 40 traditional Romanian blouses , including a replica of Elisabeta Rizea’s ia opened at the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant.

Ioana Corduneanu, the organiser of the project stated that the exhibit contains 40 Romanian blouses that are replicas of those that can be found in collections at the Metropolitan Museum, New York, Textiles Museum, Canada, the Ethnographic museum of Geneva, The Textile museum in Lyon, the Horniman Museum in Great Britain, the Ethnography Museum in Sankt Petersburg and also private collections.

The blouses were created by 33 ladies that are members of a special community called Sewn Signs in Action. The community was formed on Facebook in 2014 and it has over 15,500 members.



Miss Corduneanu stated that they are not qualified in traditional crafts, however, they are ambitious and they are determined to learn the craft by using photographs from the museum sites. This is the way they have created replicas of ancient Romanian blouses.

The exhibit is an homage to all Romanian women. Some of the traditional blouses replicas were created after traditional blouses worn by Elisabeta Rizea and princess Ileana. Now, the traditional blouse has become a country brand.

The exhibit is open until December 17 and the entry is free.


source: agerpres







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