13-year-old Romanian girl breaks world record as she climbs Giluwe Peak


She is only 13 and she has already set a new world record. Dor Geta Popescu has climbed the Giluwe Peak, which is the highest volcano in the Pacific Ocean.

The volcano is 4,367 metres altitude and Popescu has reached its peak on Monday at 9.20 local hour. Dor Geta Popescu now hopes to be the first alpinist in the world to conquer the circuit of Seven Volcanoes and Seven Summits. So far, she is the youngest alpinist in the world who has conquered the peak.


She stated

It’s a unique mountain, totally different from what I have done so far. It was a route near the jungle where you make your way through the vegetation with the machete, avoiding a lot of lakes and reaching the secondary craters area, of the peaks dominated by the volcanic lava. Then you remotely notice the silhouettes of the two cliffy peaks. The last 400 metres follow, the most beautiful, most abrupt, rockiest and most challenging ones. The peak is fantastic: 360 degrees of mountains and plateaux, peaks of over 3,500 metres coming out of the jungle that is stretching up to the horizon. Yes, I know: Giluwe is a mostly wanted mountain!



Dor Geta Popescu has already set several world records, such as conquering the six peaks of the Seven Volcano circuits and has escaladed four of the seven highest mountains on each continent in the Seven Summits circuit.


source: romaniajournal






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