6-year-old​ hero saves his baby sisters from fire


A six-year-old child from Vaslui has saved his younger sisters from death, after the house they lived in caught fire.

Emanuel and his sisters, Ioana ( one-year-old ) and Amalia ( 3 months) were waiting for Saint Nicholas to bring gifts when the house caught fire. The boy noticed that the table under the TV has caught fire and then the fire spread to the nearby curtains and then the bed.

The boy took his sisters in his arms and got them out safely. Soon after, the house crashed down. The children ended up in the streets without shoes and without warm clothes.

He said to Adevarul newspaper

I took Amalia in my arms and I grabbed Ioana by the hand and we went out. I was not scared.

The children now are in their grandparents’ care, because they parents are working abroad. The grandparents were not at home when the disaster happened.

The grandfather saw the fire from far away and ran to the house. He thought that the children were still in the house so he ran inside but luckily he got out of the house just in time before it crashed.



Apparently, the fire was produced from the chimney. The attic also caught fire. Vasile Bojian, the grandfather said

Luckily, the boy saw when the fire started and he did not panic. He took the little one in his arms, he left the doors open and they went in the street. He was a hero, he saved all the children, they could have all burnt. The firemen came after one hour but they could not do anything anymore. Everything is burnt, nothing is left, only ruins. The money is burnt, documents, everything. We have nothing now. No pork, only a few birds got away. The important thing is that the children are alive!

Several organizations have appealed to the population to help the children.


source: adevarul







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