Honest man finds over 3,000 euro on street, handles it to police


A retired man from Iasi has found a large sum of money in a supermarket. The 16,000 lei (around 3,500 euro )he found is equal to what he would have earned in a year.

Ion Cernusca, however, did not keep the money but he started to go around and ask people if they lost money. Then, he decided to go to the police. He stated

When I got out of the house with my carriage, walking over the entrance of the store, I stepped on something soft. When I looked down, there was a sum of money, a large sum of money.



The man said that he never thought of keeping the money for himself. He said to digitv

I cannot do this kind of gesture, to hide some money, to take some money I didnțt work for and maybe somebody else is crying now or who knows maybe he is angry, now before the holidays. And such a big sum of money.

So far, the police did not find the person who lost the money. The police is currently checking the CCTV to find the person. There have been several cases over the years, when people have found large sums of money and they returned it. In 2015, a woman from Deja has found 1,500 lei and asked the police to help.

Luckily, the police found the person.In 2014, Loredana Neagu, a young woman from Berca, Buzau county has found 1,000 lei in a wallet and gave it to the police. The woman was very poor and when news reached the foundation Habitat for Humanity, the NGO decided to help her built her own house.


source- digi








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