“I love the people, the food, the geography, the sights, the folklore, the superstitions”-British woman chooses Bucharest over London


Olivia Neville. photo by viitorulromaniei.ro


When Brexit was voted, many British people thought of emigrating abroad. Some of them took the actual step. But what about British people that moved to Romania? Why did they choose this country?

A recent article on viitorulromaniei.ro has showcased Olivia Neville who moved to Bucharest. Olivia Neville is only 26 and she has been living in Romania for a few months. She is currently an English teacher at George Cosbuc national college in Bucharest . This highschool is renowned for hiring teachers that are English natives. Teachers do not only teach language skills but also human rights and public speaking.

But how did Olivia end up here? According to the article, she was on a trip around Balcanic countries when she reached Romania. She felt that this place suited her personality. Olivia was born in London, although her roots are Chinese, Indian, Spanish and Portuguese.

She is also fluent in French, English, and Spanish and she is currently learning Romanian which she finds easy. She finds Romanian grammar, especially logical and easy to understand. Of course, it helps that she already knows Spanish and French, which have many similarities to Romanian.

She says that Romanian sounds like a latin language with Slavic influences. Olivia used to work in corporations but she thought it was soul destroying. Now she loves her job in Romania. But what she loves is the fact that the country is in a process of rebirth. She believes the country is rebuilding the cultural identity and people from western countries do not really know about this area.


Olivia recognizes that Romania was promoted in a negative manner by the western media and this has influenced how people feel about Romanians. However, this has not influenced her. She loves the people, the food, the environment, the sights, the music and the superstitions. She says that this place has a certain energy, a spirituality. Moreover, she said that when she went up to Bucegi mountains she felt a connection with the earth. She felt that this is the place where she will be truly happy.


source- viitorulromaniei










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