Romanian artists, writers and researchers awarded at Iasi Gala


Oamenii Timpului Gala ( People of our contemporary times) has recently awarded Romanian artists for their contribution to Romanian culture.

Writer Mircea Cartarescu, journalist Paul Radu and priest Constantin Necula have been awarded this past weekend in Iasi city.

The third edition of the gala has awarded 10 trophies and eight special prizes. Mircea Cartarescu has won the Literature section for being the most successful writer on the international market and for being one of the most translated Romanian writers.


Remus Azoitei has won the Arts category for having a rich artistic activity by performing on stages in Romania, Turkey, Liban, Moldova, and UK.


Sergiu Pasca has won the Education and Research category for his discovery in the field of neurobiology. His research has significantly contributed towards better treatments in psychiatric treatments.

The civic society category award went to Ciprian Ciocan from Sibiu Comunity Foundation for establishing the Stiintescu fund, a special project in alternative education and for organizing the Sibiu  semi-marathon for raising funds.

The public diplomacy award went to priest Constantin Necula for holding inspiring conferences and seminars. The Memory and History award went to Tudor Salagean for getting involved in renovating wooden churches in Cizer and Petrindu, which are part of the UNESCO heritage list.


The journalism award went to Paul Radu for an investigation that revealed organized crime. He was involved in analyzing the Panama Papers and he has initiated the Clear Cut Crimes project.



The Young Values award went to students Tudor Popa, Adrian Conete, Diana Canghizer, Miruna Gafencu, Alex Simion for creating special glasses with sensors for blind people.

The Health award was given to Adrian Saftoiu for involvement in the analysis of microenvironments in the digestive tract tumors.


The last award, Entrepreneurship prize went to Dan Draghici who has had a successful business year in the field of dentistry.



source: agerpres







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