Two IT specialists from Cluj invented a secure authentification system that does not need passwords


These days we have to remember many many passwords for our social media accounts, emails, bank accounts and so on. This might change in the future as two young IT specialists are working on making our lives easier.

Two specialists from Cluj are working on an invention that only needs a scan of the fingerprint and a notification to log in the site.

The new system is now tested at a few companies and it will offer users an easier access to their person accounts.

Mircea Patachi, one of the inventors said that it would be much easier if we did not need to use passwords. The main problem nowadays is that people have many accounts and it is harder to remember passwords if users have more than 10 accounts. This means users have to reset their accounts quite often.

The system invented by the IT specialists would be more resistant to cybernetic attacks because it uses the fingerprint as a key access.


The problem now is that people use the same password for the same account. The IT specialists said that it is very worrying that a big site like Yahoo was the victim of the attack and one billion accounts were stolen, together with their passwords. The two specialists already have a few offers from different customers from foreign countries.









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