New subway line in New York built by a Romanian engineer


photo by By Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York – SAS_4247



The new line was coordinated by a Romanian engineer, Michael Horodniceanu. The construction of the line has taken 10 years and cost around 4,5 billion dollars. The line has three stations and is 3,2 kilometer long. When the line will be completed it will be around 14 kilometers long and it will be finalized in 2029.

Michael Horodniceanu, the engineer who coordinates the project, is the leader of the company’s construction division that handles transport in New York. He has been coordinating the largest infrastructure projects in New York in the last years. The projects have involved extensions of the existent subway lines, modification of actual routes for a better fluidization of the traffic and a new railway under Manhattan.

Horodniceanu was born in Bucharest 1944. His family used to live in Horodniceni, Suceava county. In 1961 he emigrated from Romania.






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