Sergiu Petrusca wins gold medal at International Science Olympiad in Bali


A student from Bistrita has won the gold medal at the Science Olympiad in Bali.  Sergiu Petrusca has represented our country by wearing the traditional costume while attending the Olympiad.

According to TVR, the student has worked very hard with his teachers to win such an important medal. The competition not only tested their knowledge in science but also their innovative spirit. Constantin Rus, physics teacher at Liviu Rebreanu national college in Bistrita stated that in his 40 year career he has never met such as hard working and intelligent student as Sergiu Petrusca.



Romania’s team has caused admiration because they all wore the traditional costumes. During the competition the students were not allowed to use their phones so they could not communicate with their families. Sergiu Petrusca has thoroughly enjoyed his trip, as he was accommodated in a five star hotel with a view of the Indian ocean.

The Romanian team has also brought 5 silver medals from the Science Olympiad in Bali.







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