Romanian painters to exhibit at Taittinger Gallery in New York

Guardians of the molecules 2016 by Marius Bercea


Romanian artists will soon exhibit their paintings at a New York gallery. The Richard Taittinger gallery will host nine Romanian artists that represent the painting school of Cluj.

This exhibit will showcase several generations with different artistic views. The exhibit is called The Wanderers: Contemporary Painting From Cluj and it will open on January 11st in New York. Visitors will be able to admire around 30 paintings by Ioan Sbarciu, Cornel Brudascu, Victor Racatau, Aurelian Pirosca, Marius Bercea, Robert Fekete, Alin Bozbiciu, Oana Farcas and Sergiu Toma.

This is the first time students exhibit their works together with their masters. The exhibit is paying an homage to painters Brudascu and Sbarciu. The exhibit also aims to show the current Cluj artistic phenomenon. The exhibit is meant to also promote different artists than those already known by the public, Adrian Ghenie and Victor Man.

Richard Taittinger Gallery is a new gallery in New York and it promotes non western artists. The gallery is part of the famous champagne brand Taittinger. Taittinger family has been associated with the former French royal family, has many international businesses and also has many properties around Paris.

One of the artists that will exhibit is Cornel Brudascu. He is one of the few Romanian artists that are associated with Pop Art and has been a mentor for Adrian Ghenie and Alin Bozbiciu. His works can be currently visited at Tate Modern in London within the World Goes Pop exhibit. Ioan Sbarciu, who will also present his painting in New York, is a professor at the Art University in Cluj. He has taught many famouse artists such as Adrian Ghenia and Victor Man.









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