Dutch couple who moved to Romania: “The natural and rural areas are how it should be. We don’t have this in Western Europe”


Many people around the world have chosen Romania as their home. But not many have embraced Romanian traditions like dutch Ray and Jenny Dorgelo.

The couple has moved to Ocnita village in Bistrita-Nasaud county and they have celebrated their wedding in Romanian style, just like 100 years ago at a sheepfold in Calimani mountains.

Ray and Jenny Dorgelo moved to Romania in April, 2016. She works in communication at a company in Bistrita and he is an expert dog trainer. The two met during course for living life in the wild. Ray has already been in Romania where he did an internship and worked with security dogs. They fell in love and visited Romania many times. They have also started a project through which they want to protect the brown bears of Romania.

Jenny said

He took me with him to Romania and we had the same experience: I fell in love with this land, with the people, with the traditions and with the dogs! We have Carpathian shepherd dogs and we work with them. They are in our opinion, the best dogs

Ray started visiting Romania in 2009 and Jenny started visiting the country three years ago.


Jenny said

We love it here. We think that in the forests the eco-system is still intact, the villages and people do not have high expectations and are happy with their simple lives. They have everything they need here to survive without much money. You don’t have to reach certain standards to manage. People are still conected to nature here. It is very important for me, and for us to be close to nature. We don’t have something like this in Western Europe.

The couple has moved to the village of Ocnita and have found a traditional house. They married last year in 2016 and they served Romanian food and they wore traditional clothes.

The wedding guests ate cheese, slanina ( smoked pig fat), steak and drank plenty of tuica. The couple wore wooden rings that were made in Romania.

source: greatnews.ro







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