Cluj voted one of the most stylish cities of 2017


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Cluj-Napoca has already made its name thanks to its cultural scene, festivals and strong IT industry. Now Cluj-Napoca was also chosen as the one of the most stylish cities of 2017 by Calvert Journal.


The London based guide has made a list of 16 most chic and liveable cities in the New East. The list includes cities such as Belgrade, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Kiev, Ljubljana, Moscow, Mostar, Odessa, Split, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Tbilisi, Varna, Zadar and Zagreb.Moreover, it was stated that these cities are becoming destinations for modern travelers.

The guide praises Cluj-Napoca for its art scene, its cafes and its startup hub status. The guide also describes Cluj-Napoca Baroque architecture and old palaces and it brings attention to its famous film festival, Transylvania International Film Festival which started in 2002. The city has also hosted one of the best music festivals in Europe- Untold music festival which last year had 300,000 visitors.


The guide states

Set against a backdrop of rolling hills, Cluj has swiftly risen to become Romania’s film capital, playing home to the annual Transylvania International Film Festival and a lively community of cineastes. It’s largely because of this that the city’s bohemian cafe culture and art scene has blossomed, making it an attractive home for the city’s dense student population, too. Meandering through backstreets, quaint Baroque architecture hides a plethora of subterranean bars, while former factories and old palaces serve as art residencies for the country’s best new talent. As well as being a startup hub, Cluj is also the birthplace of Transylvania’s first underground electro nightclub, Club Midi, which has become the country’s biggest and best since launching in 2007. Visiting Romania’s second city in August is a must for electro-heads in search of new sounds, who can now enjoy Cluj’s newly launched Untold Festival which runs during the first week of August.

source: calvetjournal






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