Romanian woman elected deputy mayor of Berlin


A Romanian woman was voted as a mayor deputy of Berlin recently. Ramona Pop, from Timisoara, representing the Green party was elected regional economy and energy senator and also deputy mayor of Berlin city.

Ramona Pop was born in Romania in 1977 and she immigrated to Germany in 1988 with her mother and grandmother. She has managed now to build herself a successful career in politics in Germany and she has both German and Romanian citizenship.

Ramona Pop has graduated high school in Munster and then she went on to study politics at the Otto Suhr Institute within the FU University in Berlin. In 1997 she went into politics by joining Die Gruner party. In 2006 she became a member of the Berlin Parliament. She was the youngest person to be in the Parliament at that time.

Ramona Pop wants to make a change in Germany, she wants to fix the division lines between east and west and fights also for modernisation of child care and schools. She also wants to make housing more accessible to Berlin residents and to introduce more trains in the public transportation system.










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