Romanian actress plays queen Elisabeth in British documentary about Buckingham palace


A Romanian actress played the role of queen Elisabeth in a documentary called ” Inside Buckingham palace”.  The TV documentary was produced for Channel 5 by Wildfire Television and was viewed by 1.7 million people.

Roxana Lupu is an actress that currently lives in London and plays in a number of theater plays and documentaries. The Romanian actress has studied Sociology and Social assistance at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj. In Cluj she fell in love with theatre, and then she went on the study acting in Bucharest at the Theatre and Cinema university. She also went for a Master degree and a PhD in theatrical pedagogy.

In Romania, she starred in a few commercials, in the “Roxanne” movie, ” Audition” one woman show. She wanted to teach at the university but there were no jobs so she moved to London, where she immediately felt like home. She worked in sales, promotions and finally started to get parts in movies. She starred in the “Inside Buckingham Palace”. For the role, she prepared herself by watching documentaries in order to see the queen’s body language, how she held her hands and how she behaved. For the audition, she prepared one of the queen’s speeches that she held for Christmas. She was also chosen for the role due to her resemblance to the queen.

The producers have decided to continue the documentary under the name of ” Inside Windsor Castle” because this year there will be 1,000 years since the Windsor castle was built. The TV series will show the royal family’s life, starting from Queen Victoria, Elisabeth, her meeting with prince Philip, Charles and Diana, Elisabeth at 50 and now. The filming takes place at the Leeds castle.









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