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Great initiative! Romanian farmers open first cooperative shop


Over 60 local producers from Alba, Cluj, Mures, Sibiu and Hunedoara counties have formed an agricultural cooperative where they plan to sell local produce at better prices for customers and for their own farms.

The cooperative is located in Alba Iulia and it is called Bunataturi Romanesti ( Romanian goodies). The cooperative has been popular so far. Here customers can find vegetables, dairy, meats, fish, fresh bread and wine at producer price.

The farmers together raise around 500 cows, 100 pigs, over 500 sheep and 100 goats. They also grow corn, sunflower, broccoli and blueberries. The cooperative idea came from Tudor Man, a priest from the Tibru village in Alba, who also set up an agricultural cooperative with some friends.


The purpose of the cooperative was to help small farmers sell their products at fair prices. They said that they cannot manage to get a good price for their products due to the supermarkets and large companies. Moreover, shops that buy their products also offer them unfair prices. Additionally, when they sold their products at the farmers market sometimes they did not manage to sell anything for a whole day.


This is the first time an agricultural cooperative has opened a shop in Romania. The shop can be found at this address Alba Iulia pe Bvd. RevoluŇ£iei 1989, nr. 22, bl. V4.




source: adevarul