Looking for a unique gift? Jibou botanical garden sells carnivorous plants that you can grow on your own!


The botanical garden from Jibou has come up with unusual gift ideas for its visitors- in vitro insectivorous plants in glass recipients.

The plants only need light for a few months to grow. The plants and the recipients are specially created by specialists at the botanical garden in Jibou.

The specialists have managed to create a special climate in the recipient which allows the carnivore or insectivorous plants to grow. If the plants are exposed to light and medium temperatures, not extreme, they will develop in a few months.


The plants measure 20 cm in length and have a diameter of 10 centimeters and are called Drosera Rotundifolia. The plant can also be admired in its natural habitat at the garden’s lake.

Small flies can be put inside the bottle and the plant will slowly digest them.


source: agerpres








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