Romanian invents insulated house


A Romanian has invented a special greenhouse that is completely thermally isolated.

Mathe Laszlo from Zalau has invented a system that allows the construction of a house in only six days. The house has a system which was called Thermodul System and it guarantees the conservation of the thermal energy in the building to a level of almost 90 percent.


This type of system is already used in Germany, Austria, the United States and in countries in Africa. The panels used in the system are created in to suit the fabric of the walls and the technology is economically energetic.

The building can have any shape the owner wants. This means the materials are not an impediment to the architectural structure.

Mathe Laszlo also added that the house is even cheaper with 20-30 percent than a traditional house. The house is ecological so it does not contain any wood materials.


source- greatnews






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