Romanian men catch thief who burgled woman on the streets of Cluj-Napoca


A 23-year-old thief that stole a purse was caught by two men on a street in Cluj-Napoca.

The young man has attacked a 37-year old woman in the area of Crisan street, close to Mihai Viteazu market and stole her purse. The woman has immediately called the police, however, two men have managed to catch the thief immediately. Apparently, the men talked to the victim and found out the physical description of the thief. Then, they followed the thief and tried to catch him, however, the thief attacked them with a screwdriver. Luckily, the men were not hurt and they managed to immobilise him.

The man was arrested for 24 hours and then the judges have decided to keep him in arrest for 30 days. The police has thanked the men who caught the thief.


source: monitorul






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