Romania is now the biggest honey producer in the European Union


Romanian is currently the biggest honey producer in Europe.  According to the European Commission Romania produced 35,000 tons of honey in 2015, increasing its production from 20,000 tons in 2014. The second place in Europe was taken by Spain with 32,000 tons and Hungary with 30,000 tons.



The EU is trying to support bee producers through national apiculture programs that are meant to improve the conditions for optimal production and marketing of honey within the EU. The highest shares are used by Spain, France, and Romania.

According to data, between 2014-2016 The EU has 16 million beehives and 600,000 beekeepers which are mainly located in Spain, France, Greece, Romania, and Italy. The European Union is the world’s second producer of honey after China.


source: agrointel










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