16-year-old student finds new star


A 16-year-old student from Galati has discovered a variable star. The boy, who is currently studying theology at the seminar has named the star Schela after his own village.

According to the Galati Science Museum, Andrei Marian Stoian has been studying astronomy as a hobby and has found the star on January 3rd, 2017. Andrei has discovered the star at the Astronomic Observatory in Schela. The observatory was set by himself and his parents with support from the city hall. He managed to see the star thanks to several observations that took several months in 2016.

The discovery was done with a Newton telescope with a mirror of 130 mm f/5 and a CCD Atik 314 L+ camera.

Andrei said

I had the privilege to name the star like I wanted, so I chose to name it Schela, because this is how I felt, that the name of my village to appear in the sky.


This is not the first time Andrei found a star. In October 2016, together with Ovidiu Tercu he found two variable stars Galati V8 and Galati V9 at the Astronomic observatory in Galati.


source digi24







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