Romanian invents wallet that cannot be stolen


A Romanian has invented the smart wallet that cannot be stolen.  Viorel Cretu has managed to crowdfund 22,000 dollars for his project on Kickstarter.

The wallet has two parts, a Wallor Cash Holder and a Wallor Card Holder which can be used for cash and for credit cards. The wallet will have a special tracking device to catch thieves. Thanks to RFID technology the wallet is surrounded by a virtual cage through which the cards are protected from the hackers that can extract data from them or from mobile scanners. Thanks to GPS tracking sensors the owner is warned when the wallet is moved inside the pocket or in the bag and so it tells the owner if the wallet is stolen or if it fell on the ground.


The wallet also has a special system in which the owner can see where it is in real time. The production of the wallet will start in February and in March Viorel Cretu wants to do another Kickstarter campaign to finance the wallet. The products will be available to be delivered as early as April.

The wallet will be produced in China.






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