Italian reporter impressed by the delicious taste of Romanian foods


An Italian reporter that has visited recently a Romanian supermarket in Italy was impressed by the quality of its products and by their delicious taste.

The Italian online magazine has paid a visit to a Romanian supermarket called ” Ca la mama acasa ” ( just like your mother’s home) in Madonella neighborhood in Bari.  There are around 2,000 residents in Bari and according to Ciprian, the owner of the store people are used to eat certain foods and they love to eat the foods they grew up with. Therefore this shop focuses on specialized goods.

The shop has products that are hard to find in Italy, such as mici (meat rolls) and tochitura ( traditional stew). Apparently, the pork meat used in these products has a different taste compared to the Italian pork and this is because the animals are raised in the countryside in Romania and they eat organic foods and not industrial foods like those in Italy.

The traditional stew is usually served with mamaliga ( similar to Spanish polenta, but a bit more consistent) and burduf ( salty and creamy cheese which could be compared to feta in taste). The salami is supposed to be eaten either raw or cooked. The shop has summer salami, home made salami and also chicken salami. Moreover, they also sell smoked mackerel and sarmale ( stuffed cabbage leaves) which are also made in the shop. However, if customers want to make their own, pickled cabbage leaves are sold separately in huge barrels.











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