New social cafe set up to raise funds for free health clinic in Bucharest


The Queen Mary social polyclinic foundation has just set up a social cafe. The profits of the cafe are intended to go to a social clinic that helps provide free healthcare to people that have no medical insurance or have financial issues.

The social cafe was called Coffee and Stories and was set up with funds provided by the Enayati family.

The coffee shop opened today and the Wargha Enayati, the person behind the project is inviting the community to get involved in and volunteer in the programs that the foundation is organizing. The foundation has two social polyclinics and also two afterschool educational centers. The profits from the coffee shop and also the profits from selling the

The profits from the coffee shop and also the profits from selling the Persian carpets from the showroom will go towards helping people with financial problems that need healthcare.The coffee shop will also be used to promote cultural and artistic events.At the moment the foundation is helping provide education to 150 children within the BBaneasaeducational centre  and the Clinceni afterschool. In 2016 over 4,000 patients have benefited from its medical services.









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