Successful Romanians in Spain: Micaela Pop, a multi-award winning chef


There are Romanians who moved to other countries and built successful careers for themselves. One of them is Micaela Pop, a head chef at the Gran Sol Hondarribia, Spain.

Since she has moved to Spain, Micaela has taken the culinary world by storm as she has started to win many culinary awards. Micaela Pop was born in 1980 in Maramures, however, her contact with cooking started in Portugal where she lived for three years. There she worked in the Hockey restaurant in Sintra city.

Afterwards, she moved to Spain where she started to get serious about her passion. She started working at the Gran Sol restaurant in Hondarribia city and under the guidance of Bixente Munoz Esnal, was promoted to head chef.

According to Esnal, Micaela pays high attention to detail and she takes care that everything that is cooked by her team is perfect. Thanks to her dedication she received many Spanish and International awards thus setting the Gran Sol Hondarribia restaurant on the map.


According to Periodico El Rumano, Micaela Pop cooks minimalist food that has a strong visual impact.

The Periodico El Rumano has set up an overwhelming list of all her awards.


PINTXOS championship from GIPUZKOA

2000. Champion Gipuzkoa Originality
2001. Champion Gipuzkoa Originality
2003. Champion Gipuzkoa Originality
2006. Silver platter at  Pintxos Gipuzkoa championship
2007. Silver platter at   Pintxos Gipuzkoa championship
2008. Gold medal at the  Pintxos Gipuzkoa championship
2011.Bronze medal at the  Pintxos Gipuzkoa championship
2014. Gold medal at the C Gipuzkoa Pintxos championship
2015. Silver medal at the Gipuzkoa Pintxos championship



2007. Vice-champion
2008. Finalist
2009. Third place and award for Innovation
2010.  Euskal Herria Pintxos champion
2001. Finalist
2013.  Euskal Herria Pintxos champion
2014. Vice-champion

PINTXOS and TAPAS championship

Finalist between 2006-2012, 2007, Spain champion 2006, for Pintxo Traditional category
2009 Spain champion, best Pintxo concept
2010 Spain champion, Pintxos Traditional category


2008. Champion
2009. Award for originality
2010. Champion
2013. Champion
2015.  Hondarribia champion


2015. Third place

Best gastronomy

Nominated for the best ten pinxtos bars in Spain for 2005,2006,2007 and 2008.








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