Romanian students win NASA competition


Five Romanian students from Timisoara have won a competition organized by NASA and MIT university. The competition, called Zero Robotics was set up in Amsterdam and the students had to create a code that would be able to move in real time the spheres on the International Space Station.

The team has beaten 10 other teams that qualified for this competition. The five students worked hard for the last year to develop the code and in three minutes they managed to prove their hard work.

According to Digi TV, Emanual Covaci student at the Grigore Moisil high school noted

The minutes we spend watching how our robots move on the Space Station were the hardest in my life. There was a lot of excitement to see how your little robots move, taking account of the fact that winning the competition depended on that game.



The competition was organized in the US but it was transmitted live in the Netherlands and Australia. The team went to the Netherlands.

Although the team did not win any money they have managed to create something that moves in space. They have also received recognition diplomas. The competition had two categories. In one ten teams and the other one had eight. Romania has three participating teams- two from Timisoara and one from Piatra Neamt.


source- digitv







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