Adopt a baby bear and save the bear orphanage!


The bear rehabilitation centre in Harghita allows now people to adopt baby bears. The centre risks closing due to the fact that they lost financial support from their partners. The centre is unique in Europe and has managed to save over a hundred bears.

The centre was set up 10 years ago by Leo Bereczky who started the centre with three baby bears that he found in the forest. The orphanage has 20 hectares and can accommodate maximum 20 baby bears. The bears are cared for, however, the human intervention is minimum to ease their return to the forests.


The centre now needs financial help so people can donate a sum of money monthly that will ensure the care of the bears. The monitorisation of the five bears is done through GSM-GPS. The money donated will help the centre to collect data about the bears’ habitat which is needed for the identification of conservation measures for brown bears. Deforestation affects the bear population in the area. The mother bears get scared from the machines that cut the trees and run and their cubs cannot run as fast and they are left behind with small chances of survival.

You can find details on how to donate on People that donate will receive a  plush bear, a personalised certificate and monthly information about the bears.









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