Romanian doctor in Monaco sets up foundation to help Romanians who cannot afford expensive medical treatments


A Romanian cardiologist who works in Monaco has established an association through which Romanian doctors who work in the south of France can care for Romanians who cannot afford expensive medical treatments.

Doctor Constantin Turchina has already helped a nine-year-old boy of Romanian origin. Thanks to doctor Clara Alexandrescu, the boy underwent heart surgery at the cardiothoracic center in Monaco. The doctor was praised by the local press. Monaco Matin asked the doctor why he set up the organization and he said that over a thousand Romanian doctors work in the south of France and he wants to build a bridge between the doctors’ community in Monaco and Romanians. The doctor told the newspaper that there is a very tight Romanian community in Monaco. He stated

 The association allows us to help with all means necessary, our country of origin. Romanian professional doctors are especially a  part of this association[…] It is a great joy for me to see how Romanians abroad come to help their country with enthusiasm and love.

The Amoro Association functions thanks to donations from charitable foundations and private investors. Member doctors also have donated money.







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