Transylvania college beats 3,000 British International schools and receives Lifetime award


A Romanian school was chosen among the best British international schools. This is the only school in Europe that reached the top and it has managed to beat 3,000 British schools from around the world.

Transylvania college, which is located in Cluj, was included on the list of the ” British International School of the Year” within the TES awards. TES is the biggest teacher community in the world. It has 3,6 million members.

According to all British International schools seek to win this award. What sets them apart from other schools are the fact that they have a Cambridge curriculum and they teach in English. The school teaches all ages: from kindergarten children to primary school and high school students.

Transylvania school was founded 20 years ago by Simona and Dan Baciu and has taught around 600 students. It has also managed to offer 150 scholarships for students with great results. The school has brought teachers from UK, Germany, New Zeeland, Australia and even Mauritius to teach students.

The winners of the competition are:

British International School of Stavanger for Strategic Initiative of the Year
The British School Kathmandu for Senior Leadership Team of the Year
New Cairo British International School for Governing Body of the Year
The British School Kathmandu for Community Initiative of the Year
Deira International School for Pastoral Care Initiative of the Year
Dulwich College, Beijing for Teaching Initiative of the Year
King’s College Alicante for IT Initiative of the Year
Doha College won the International Impact award
Simona Baciu of Transylvania College received the Lifetime Award
Cranleigh Abu Dhabi won the New British International School of the Year (under three years)
And The British School Kathmandu took home the overall British International School of the Year 2017 Award.




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