Miruna Manescu to represent Switzerland at Eurovision this year


It seems that Romanians will be represented by two singers at this years Eurovision competition. A Romanian singer, Miruna Manescu was voted to represent Switzerland this year. She will sing with Timebelle music band.

The Romanian woman is the lead singer of Timebelle and will perform a song called Apollo to Kyiv at the competition in May.

According to Romania Insider, the singer stated

I won! I will represent Switzerland at Eurovision with my beloved band Timebelle. I’m very proud. I feel that my merits are finally recognized.


The selection for the contest started in September when six musicians reached the finals and Miruna Manescu and her music band were chosen to represent Switzerland.

Miruna Manescu, 27, from Petrosani is not famous in Romania, although she was active in the music market, as she participated in the Shava Muv project.  In Bern, Switzerland, Miruna has formed a music band with drummer Samuel Forster and multi-instrumentalist Emanuel Daniel Andriescu. They have participated previously in the Eurovision selection in 2015 with a song called Singing about love, however they did not pass the selection.


source: romania insider






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