Romanian bishop buys house for homeless mother and her four children


The Banat metropolitan bishop has managed to help a homeless woman with her four children. The woman was living in a stable at the edge of Comlosu Mare village, in Timis.

According to the priest said that immediately after he heard about the woman he decided to go to the stable. He said the stable was two kilometres from the village. It was a cold winter night so he took the family immediately in his car to warm them up. The woman could not believe her eyes.

He then took the woman to a supermarket where she could buy all that she needed, such as detergent and fruits for the children. The bishop asked the village priest to find a solution. The priest managed to find someone who was selling a house with four rooms of 3,000 metre square. The bishop bought the house and moved the family in.


The bishop then went to the Timisoara prison to visit the woman’s husband. He ensured him that his wife and children will be safe.

This is the fifth house that the bishop bought for a poor family.  A day before that the bishop has visited an emergency social centre for homeless people in Timisoara. He offered the homeless clothes and shoes.







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