Beyond public service: Romanian mayor in Germany regularly helps hospitals in Romania


Stefan Guzu, police officer and mayor of  Ivenack town in Germany, has never forgotten where he came from.

Originary from Poiana Ilvei, Bistrita-Nasaud county, Stefan Guzu has been helping his hometwon since he left Romania. For example, this year he has managed to donate 150 beds to the town hospital in Nasaud. Moreover, he managed to bring night stands, wheel chairs and medical equipment.

Stefan Guzu is now 49 years old and is not only a police officer and mayor of Ivenack town but also the vicepresident of the German-Romanian friendship association between Neurbrandenburg and Bistrita.

Over 12 years Stefan Guzu has started colaborating with the institutions from Bistrita-Nasaud county and has managed to make important donations for the locals, the associations and the institutions.


He said that the collaboration started when a delegation of the police institution where he wroked paid a visit to Bistrita-Nasaud police. This is when they established a partenrship between the two institutions. Since then, they have colaborated many times and they have managed to do several charity activities around Bistrita-Nasaud county, such as donating 10,000 euro to an evanghelical church that suffered damage due to a fire. In 2013, the Tudor Jarda music highschool from Bistrita has received new musical instruments worth 10,000 euro. In 2014 the medical emergency centre in Bistrita and a home care have reeived 50 wheelcairs and medical utensils.


Additionally, the Poiana Ilvei town has received a firetruck and an alarm siren for the firefighters. Beclean town will also receive 150 hospital beds in may this year. Stefan Gurdu also plans to help the children in an orphanage  and also donate a SMURD medical emergency van.

The German forum in Bistrita has received many times donations such as money, medicine, clothes and foods.




source photo: observator.







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